I was born at an early age and raised in in the great state of New Hampshire where my parents let me run feral and explore my world (until the street lights came on). Upon graduating university with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design, I packed up my covered wagon and headed out to Texas to become a cowgirl/starving artist. After spending time best forgotton in Dallas, I settled on a lovely area in Austin and shared my apartment with a native family of Palmetto Bugs (read: Giant Cockroaches) who, thankfully, scattered when I turned on the lights - so I had the lights on. A lot. Even when I slept. The power company loved me and to this day still sends holiday cards. After suffering through blistering heat, flash floods, softball sized hail, being chased up an interstate by a tornado and most disturbingly, chased out of a bar with a large and menacing looking cattle prod, I got the hell outta Dodge and headed back to the green lushness of New Hampshire where I still reside with my two daughters and one rescue dog named Fitzwilliam Darcy.


Amber Guilbeault

Quip artist, photographer, marketer, writer(?), mother, and casual observer of people and the randomness of the world around me